A Voice Cries Out, Here is your God

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A Voice Cries Out, Here is Your God, Daily Meditations for the Season of Advent by Fr. Bob Konopa, OFM 

Advent is much more than merely four weeks before we joyfully celebrate the birth of the baby Jesus...again. Through this collection of daily meditations and the questions for reflection on the scripture readings, I invite you to move beyond a sentimental meaning of Christmas that we all know and love, and to "there has to be something more." 

God chose to take on flesh in Jesus through the incarnation. The incarnation was God's opportunity to introduce Himself to us through Jesus, who is the incarnate Word of God. Everything Jesus said and did proclaimed to our world. "Here is your God!" God is made visible and knowable through Jesus, the Word made flesh. We can form a truer image of God, and know God as God is, as Jesus revealed Him.

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