Bella Nightingale, a novel

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Bella Nightingale, a novel by Paul Mast

338 page perfect bound edition

She is everyone’s dream child. From her conception in the womb, to her childhood and adolescence, Bella Nightingale is a girl gifted with a big heart. Her parents, Marielle, a U.S. State Department diplomat and Trevor, a professor of English Literature at Georgetown University, raised their daughter to have a social conscience. Whether it’s advocating the causes of those suffering with AIDS, upholding the dignity of the homeless, or caring for the earth as a gardener with a green thumb, Bella’s humility and innocence touches people so profoundly that she changes the life of everyone she meets. 

Her inner spiritual beauty shines in the way she saves peoples’ tears. With each experience of tragedy and loss in the story she “reverences” tears by saving them in a small jar. Her belief is that saving tears rather than wiping them away makes suffering redemptive. 

Bella’s tears become a sacred presence in the story leading up to the final chapters that climax in a surprise ending.

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