Our History

Vesuvius Press Incorporated was originally founded as Tau Publishing in August of 2002. In 2011 we became Tau Publishing, LLC. As we began adding other titles that were not Franciscan or written by Franciscan authors we formed Vesuvius Press Incorporated and kept Tau Publishing as one of five imprints we currently publish under.

We began very simply in the bedroom of our home in Central Phoenix. A couple of years later we took the wall out between two bedrooms, essentially doubling our space. In 2009 we built a 900 square foot building behind our home and in February of 2012 we purchased and moved into a new building at 4727 North 12th Street in Phoenix, Arizona. In October of 2015 we sold that building and moved into a new building we purchased at 4806 South 40th Street in Phoenix. In December of 2016 we sold that building (seems there may be more money in real estate than in publishing), we then moved to our current location at 315 East Watkins Street in Phoenix, Arizona.

As of today we have over 300 titles and work with more than 100 authors. Our published titles include a mix of new works and previously out of print books. Currently we are releasing 4-6 new books per month. 

Vesuvius Press Incorporated is a vertically integrated company which means we do everything in-house from manuscript acquisition, editing, design to binding and fulfillment. 

Currently we have 8 Konica Minolta digital presses and 1 Ricoh press, GBC laminator, Horizon perfect binder, 20" cutter, Case binding equipment and various other pieces of equipment that enable us to produce books. 

We realized early on the book publishing business was changing drastically. We also knew that in order to be successful we would need to break the old mold and create our own, and we did. Since we produce our books in house we eliminated the need to warehouse a large inventory. We print small quantities of books as the need arises. We also bypass distributors and sell directly to stores and to our retail customers. Everyone said we couldn't sell books unless we sold through Baker and Taylor, Ingram or Spring Arbor as well as many of the other distributors that have held a lock on the publishing business for so long. Well they were wrong! We currently sell our books to stores in all 50 states and have wholesale accounts in The United Kingdom, Canada, Italy, Australia and Hong Kong..

We are grateful to all of our authors that have published with us in the past 15 years as well as the thousands of customers that have purchased our books over the years. 

All the best,

Jeff Campbell


Vesuvius Press Incorporated

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