I Have Been Waiting For You

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I Have Been Waiting For You

I have been Waiting for You, A Personal and Spiritual Journey with Saint Teresa of Kolkata by Fr. Larry Gosselin, OFM

This remarkable spiritual and personal friendship between Fr. Larry Gosselin and Mother Teresa is one must read in preparation for her upcoming canonization. 

The dream Fr. Larry had prior to meeting her will affirm how their relationship wasn’t just chance but one of Divine Origin. It was the first of many spiritual events that took place during their four year friendship. 

This book contains images that have never been published before that will give the reader an up close and personal look at this remarkable woman. 

Out of all the Bishops and Priests that attended her funeral it was Fr. Larry who gave Mother Teresa her final commendation before she was laid to rest.

“Father Larry Gosselin is a humble Franciscan Friar and a poet of considerable power. His new book, I Have Been Waiting for You, is a memoir about his extraordinary friendship with Mother Teresa of Calcutta, one of the world’s great spiritual figures of the 20th century. Father Larry’s journey took him to Calcutta where he worked with Mother Teresa and became a trusted friend. He shares his loving memories of his friendship with this living saint, whose mission to assist the poorest of the poor made her renowned, respected and revered throughout the world. It is a simple, charming and enlightening memoir, which, like its subject, is filled with grace. Father Larry remembers his time with Mother Teresa with deep humility, love and a poetic touch. “

David Krieger, Ph.D., 
Peace Activist, Poet
President, Nuclear Age Peace Foundation

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