Irish Dreamers, Celtic Tales that stir the Heart

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In Irish Dreamers, Fr. Fitz offers us fourteen delightful stories to reflect upon or simply enjoy. Fr. Fitz has a knack for parable, for writing about the human condition with experience, wisdom, and affection. He clearly loves his characters, especially the flawed ones, and his stories remind us with confidence that redemption is within the reach of all of us. Although these Celtic parables are about Irish people in Irish settings, it is easy to recognize ourselves or someone we know in similar predicaments. The opportunity for journaling after each story enables us to own the stories even more completely; the questions for reflection provide us with insights into our lives. 

"With the best of his Irish heritage, William Fitzgerald offers entertaining stories that stretch and grow the reader's faith. Irish Dreamers holds a treasure chest of intriguing, challenging, and compassionate tales. A book that is both a pleasure to read and a valuable resource for theological and spiritual pondering." 

Joyce Rupp, Author of May I Have this Dance and numerous other best selling books. Joyce is also a well-known retreat facilitator and spiritual guide.

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