My Hearts Quest, hardcover edition

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My Heart's Quest, collected writings of Eric Doyle, OFM, hardcover edition 535 pages, edited by Fr. Andre Cirino, OFM and Josef Raischl, OSF 

This is a well-edited collection of writings of one of the brilliant theological minds of the contemporary Franciscan movement, and the editorial team are to be commended for their painstaking collection and collation of these texts, which will repay serious study, and also serve as an excellent, pleasing and fruitful collection of writings for those coming to theology for the first time.
Seamus Mullholland, OFM, Professor, Franciscan International Study Centre, Canterbury 

Eric Doyle was the type of personality, extremely gifted intellectually, totally charismatic, and would light up a room as soon as he entered it. I was in awe at his sheer presence and enthusiasm. He was really the heart and soul of the English Province's intellectual revival and also well known in British circles, both academically and ecumenically.
Joseph Chinnici, OFM, President, Franciscan School of Theology, Berkeley 

Finally we have a wide range of Doyle’s writings and talks. To cite individual passages and chapters is impossible simply because of the high quality and clarity he brought to his audiences. As one dips into this collection, the reader almost spontaneously wishes that he had met Eric Doyle. This, then, is a must book for friars and friary libraries.
Warren Rouse, OFM, Editor: Westfriars, Santa Barbara

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