One Hot Night at the Veggie Bar

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One Hot Night at the Veggie Bar by Sandra Marshall

50 page Hard Cover First Edition

The flirty and fun adventures of food art, cleverly sprinkled with play on words, make plant-based eating more attractive than ever. Catch all the dirt in One Hot Night at the Veggie Bar. 
Sweet, sassy, super steamy stories compliment the pictures that will make your cells come alive! You won’t look at your food the same ever again. 

Sandra Marshall has been an artist as long as she can remember. A New York native, Sandra attributes much of her artistic passion to childhood trips to New York City where the art and culture is never ending. She became accomplished in a variety of media including oils, pastels, acrylics, mixed media, photography, (and food) and later earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in education with the emphasis on art education/painting. 

Before having a family, Sandra co-created an inventive company in Italy called Porta a Porta, which means door to door in Italian. Sandra would bring aspiring artists from the United States to Italy, and under her instruction, the students would learn to paint. Her business combined painting and cooking classes as they were surrounded by the stunning Tuscan hillsides. 

Today Sandra Marshall lives in Phoenix, Arizona with her family, and is the proud owner of Be...An Artist/ Be...A Chef Studios, which combines all fine arts and cooking classes.

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