Our Sacred Ocean is Suffering Now

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Our Sacred Ocean is Suffering Now by Vic Hummert

118 page paperback edition.

Among multiplying books on Earth’s human-caused and continuing loss of ecologic health, Victor Hummert’s Our Sacred Ocean is an indispensable masterpiece, with abounding scientific data, the author combines moving anecdotes from his experience as clergyman, world traveler, activist, prison chaplain, and skilled poet and storyteller.

While identifying global human-caused dangers to ocean well-being, essential to human and non-human animal health, and the author most often calls on his twenty-year experience in ocean-sided Louisiana and specifically New Orleans and Lafayette. In the context of global warming due to excessive fossil-fuel usage, he cites also technological trashing acidifying the ocean possibly beyond repair. Jellyfish he perceives as major contributors to ocean poisoning and extinction of fish indispensable to an adequate food supply for increasing billions of human as well as non-human consumers.

From the Foreword by Margaret Berry, PhD
Professor Emerita, John Carroll University

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