Play Matters

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Play Matters, so play as if it matters by Susan Saint Sing, Ph.D 

Susan Saint Sing has written a book that is remarkable in scope—one that works to unify particle physics, play, the Divine … and everything in between.
R. Scott Kretchmar, Ph.D.
The Pennsylvania State University 

Play Matters is an uplifting read for anyone who has ever ‘played’ ~ whether it be in sport or dance, or merely in one’s backyard as a child. The intellectual aspects of Saint Sing’s book will capture the attention of the reader for introspective thinking regarding the nature of ‘play’. Play does matter!
Elizabeth “Betz” Hanley,
Olympic Torch Runner for the Athens Olympic Games

Susan Saint Sing in her new work, Play Matters: So Play as if it Matters, offers an enlightening exploration of the significance and depth of the experience of play. She details the pleasures and pains of playing sports while incorporating the insights of such diverse approaches as the Greeks, Carl Jung, Joseph Campbell and John Keats. I found the reading a rich encounter and could see using the book in one of my classes.
Ed Hastings, Ph.D.
Scholar in Residence, Institute for Sport, Spirituality and Character Development Neumann University

Susan Saint Sing has tackled deep issues in a conversational manner, helped connect the dots for the rest of us, and drawn us to contemplate why we play - and that play matters!
Brian Hanlon,
Former Assistant Director for Athletic Ministry, Archdiocese of Philadelphia Current Board Member National CYO Sports

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