Poetry as Prayer, Denise Levertov

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Poetry as Prayer, Denise levertov by Fr. Murray Bodo, OFM

100 page, hard cover edition.

Poet, Activist 

Denise said once that the role of the poet is to witness—not only to reveal the divine beauty, but also to release the divine beauty. That is exactly what she did for those of us who knew her by the way she lived; that is exactly what she did for all of us in her poetry. 

Who could be more qualified than Father Bodo to open for us the soul of Denise Levertov’s poetry? Drawing on his own experience as a poet and as her friend, he illuminates for us the contemplative nature of her writing process. Out of his wisdom gained as professor, as spiritual director, and as Franciscan priest, he shows us how our reading of poetry can become an act of prayer and our praying can become an act of imagination like a poem.

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