Simple Contemplative Spirituality

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Simple Contemplative Spirituality by Charles W. Sidoti

102 page perfect bound first edition.

Grounded in the Sacramental presence of Christ in the Eucharist, Simple Contemplative Spirituality creatively brings into focus what it means to live a contemplative life.  Many of us may be under the illusion that "contemplation" is an exercise belonging exclusively to cloistered nuns and monks.  Charles Sidoti successfully dispels this notion in this new book.  Like a good parable, these reflections lead the reader to a deeper truth and expose challenging questions to facilitate growth and increase our capacity to love and be loved.

About the Author: Charles W. Sidoti, is a clinically trained, board certified, Chaplain and Coordinator of Spiritual Care at South Pointe Hospital, Cleveland Clinic Health System. Sidoti completed his training in Clinical Pastoral Education (C.P.E) through the Cleveland Clinic Foundation and his theological studies at Borromeo Seminary in the Diocese of Cleveland. He was granted Board Certification by the National Association of Catholic Chaplains in 2000. 

In this treasure-trove of a book, Chuck Sidoti demonstrates what he writes about – that our Incarnate God is present to us in both the sacred and the secular, and most importantly, in the everyday circumstances and struggles of our lives

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