Street Sabbatical

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Street Sabbatical, Life Lessons for a Contemplative Beggar, by Fr. Paul Mast

214 pages paperback edition.

Did you know there are homeless who live in houses as well as on the streets? During a six month sabbatical, Paul Mast developed a spirituality of homelessness that fits both groups. It is founded on the spiritual conviction, that the label “homeless” fits anyone whose haunting struggle with a personal/emotional/relational issue triggers an interior displacement. This experience kicks some people out of a physical home and others out of a spiritual center, while searching to build a new interior house to come home too. 

His journey took him to eight cities where he encountered the homeless on streets, in shelters, soup kitchens and in houses. Street Sabbatical is a reverent and touching account of those encounters. The journey began and ended in Washington, D.C. In between, he vectored to San Francisco, Dallas, New Delhi, Munich, Milwaukee, Wilmington and Honolulu. The streets and shelters of those cities is where this wandering spiritual pilgrim learned life lessons that uncovered new meaning for him as a priest, spiritual director, retreat/workshop presenter, and author. 

Paul now defines himself as a contemplative beggar. His gift for storytelling will wiggle its way into the soul of every reader and rest there long enough to change attitudes and behaviors about being “homeless” and the life-long endeavor to undergo “extreme spiritual interior makeovers” until at last we find our true home in “Thee.” 

His book will challenge you to help reverse the cultural stigmas applied to the homeless by engaging them their the spiritual lens of human dignity and compassion.?

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