The Glory of Paradise

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The Glory of Paradise, Risen Life in the Easter Octave Sermons of St. Bernardino da Siena by Steven J. McMichael, OFM, Conv.

108 pages paper back first edition

“After five hundred years, finally someone has brought into English my theology of the resurrection. My brother Steven has admirably shown how the mystery of the Christian faith is founded and centered on the resurrection of Christ. He shows how I spoke of the resurrection in the ten sermons that I delivered during the Easter Octave. I especially appreciate how he focuses much of his intention on the substantial, consubstantial and accidental glories of the human person and how they relate to the human soul and body – the entire transformed human person in Heaven. Since you shall be where I am now, read the book so that you may know the way to the Glory of Paradise.” St. Bernardino da Siena, from Paradise

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