The Poor Sisters of St Clare

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The Poor Sisters of St. Clare, Their form of life and identity by Diana Papa, OSC

The committed and profound search for their Clarian identity, carried out by Sr Diana and her sisters, is the result of work they have done together as a community. They are people who live and love their charism and long to make it more transparent and eloquent for the men and women of our time. This has been for them both a journey of verifying and a task of fidelity to Clare and to the church. It is a task which must be continued with the support of all the Poor Sisters who are in search of a life that is more authentic, more beautiful, more evangelical and more coherent. This passion for fidelity, which means a passion for the truth of the charism, is a profound aspiration lying in the heart of every sister in the whole world.
Br Giacomo Bini, OFM

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