The Sun and Moon Over Assisi, Soft Cover Edition

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The Sun and Moon over Assisi by Gerard Thomas Straub, 600 page Soft Cover Edition

The Sun and Moon Over Assisi reveals how the lives of the two medieval saints from Assisi—Francis and Clare—helped to transform the life of a thoroughly modern cynic from Los Angeles, California. The major events of the lives of the two saints are unfolded here in a series of vivid and engaging stories. Alongside the history of Francis and Clare, another story unfolds: the story of the spiritual transformation of the author, Hollywood filmmaker and television producer Gerard Thomas Straub, illustrating how Francis and Clare still speak to the present–day, secularized person. The author takes the reader with him, in a series of pilgrimage diaries and reflections, to the beautiful Italian sites important to the two saints. With Mr. Straub, we traverse the charming Umbrian hill towns, including Assisi, tour its churches and examine the art of Giotto found there. The Sun and Moon Over Assisi tells of an interior pilgrimage that will inspire the modern reader.

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